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Thursday, April 10, 2014

BLID Quarterly Meeting April 10, 2014

Call to order at 7:00 pm with the following members present:  Dale Bacon, Tom Merritt, Jim Grisim and Steve Laliberte.  Ryan Hoops arrived at 7:07.  Nick Piehl attended the meeting.

Motion (Grisim/Merrit) Move to approve agenda.  Motion carried.

Motion (Grisim/Merritt) Move to approve the minutes of February 6, 2014 Motion carried.

Treasurers Report: 
Reviewed the 2014 budget and YTD actuals.

Motion (Grisim/Hoops) Moved to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.

VLAMO Report
Jim Grisim presented notes from VLAMO meetings.  They updated their website.  They will pay 75% or up to $2,000 for water gardens. 

Harvester Status
Ryan Hoops – repair is in process.  The belts are being replaced.  What type of paint? Marine epoxy was suggested.  Nick Piehl is in the paint business, he will help us select the paint.
We reviewed a contract with Aspen and Midwest Ski Otters.  We will modify this to create an agreement with Aspen to do our work and for us to lease the harvester.  Aspen will need to contract with Midwest Ski Otters.

Ryan Hoops will draft the terms, Steve will draft the agreement and get legal review.  We will do an email vote on approval.

Lake Cleanup Day
First Saturday in May.  May 3rd.  Jim Grisim will coordinate.

Reviewed Buckthorn Removal Program:
Dale will continue to work with the White Bear City engineer Mark Birch to advance the plan.  The city has a new tool to shoot herbicide into the trees.  They will let us use it, we must buy the shells.

Motion: Move to purchase one lot $250 of EZ-Ject shells.  (Merrit/Grisim). Motion carried.

Budget Review
Add harvester rental to income.  We set a 2015 budget estimate at about $13,000.  We will finalize the budget in the June meeting.

Inventory of equipment
Steve will reach out to Rod to pick up and complete the inventory.  Then we can decide if we want to consolidate and store.

Annual Meeting
Possibly get a speaker on buckthorn. 

Want to get one out before May 2.  Call for pictures.  Winter kill update.  Get it out by April 21, 2014.

Conservation Minnesota
This is the association that replaced Minnesota Waters.  They hold an annual conference of Lake Associations. 

Motion:  We will join the association providing the annual fee is under or equal to $150. (Grisim/Hoops)  Motion carried.

Motion: We will pay the registration fee for a board member to attend the annual conference.  (Grisim/Merrit).  Motion carried.

Motion (Grisim/Hoops) Move to adjourn.  Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:53pm. 

Upcoming meeting
Board meeting Thursday, June 5, 2014.
Annual meeting June 18, 2014

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