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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Welcome to the Birch Lake Improvement District Blog

My name is Steve Laliberte. I live on Birch Lake in White Bear Lake.

Birch Lake is a 120 acre lake that is very clean and very shallow. It is also weedy.

When I was president of our lake association, we were alway raising money to control the weeds on the lake. After years of fund raising, I got interested in forming an lake improvement district.

If a majority of the land owners support the idea, you can create a tax district to fund lake projects. The lake association liked the idea so we set out to create one. The state of MN has a procedure for creating one. We drafted the needed documents and set out one last time around the lake. Instead of fund raising, we were getting support for the BLID.

We got a majority, presented it to the City of White Bear Lake. They approved it.

We now have a board, a set of projects, and a budget.

We have purchased a harvestor and are cutting weeds. We have hired a consultant to study the lake and advise us on how to manage it.

The following posts record our organization and minutes of meetings.


Stephen Laliberte