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Friday, June 5, 2015

Board Minutes From June 4, 2015

Birch Lake Improvement District
Board of Directors
June 4, 2015 meeting minutes

Members Present:  Dale Bacon, Jim Grisim, Tom Merritt, Ryan Hoops.  Steve Laliberte absent. 

MOTION (Grisim/Merritt) Move to approve agenda.  Motion Carried
MOTION (Merritt/Grisim) Move to approve minutes of April 16, 2105.  Motion carried
MOTION (Hoops/Grisim) Move to approve Treasurers report.  Motion carried
Status reports
a.      VLAWMO – Grisim discussed VLAWMOs involvement in the Whittaker Pond project which is dealing with water control at nursing home/serenity center

b.      Spring clean-up - approx. 10 people participated, little more than last year.  Photos in WB Press.  Successful day, would like ideas to get more turnout next year. 

c.     Harvester painting contract. Need to meet on site to go over specifics, want it done soon so that the paint can cure. Estimate 6-7 days of painting. $ 3650 estimate. Check with city to move harvester in lot closer to power and water source.  Grisim, Bacon, Merritt will meet on site to go over details.

d.     Blog/newsletter. Deliver before annual meeting.

e.     Inventory/storage – address next time
Action items
a.      Annual meeting – We will potentially have 2 speakers, Chip Welling from DNR & Steve McComas.  Review of year, budget presentation. Refreshments?

b.     2015 plan - Revisit sustainable lake management plan (SLMP), wetlands renewal at corner of Otter Lk Road & 4th St.  The SLMP needs to be updated

c.     Harvesting – too soon to tell how growth will be.  Will plan to harvest, get permit

d.     Buckthorn removal

e.     Sediment survey due to be done in 2015

f.      Member survey – could be done at annual mtg

g.     2016 budget proposal. levy proposed at $200
MOTION (Grisim/Merritt) Move to recommend levy of $200 per household. 3 aye, 1 nay (Hoops). Motion carried.

Election at meeting – Merritt will not be there but will serve if elected. 

Hoops attended planning commission meeting and discussed sidewalks.  Proposed 2030 plan

MOTION (Hoops/Grisim) Move to adjourn.  Motion carried. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm