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Friday, April 17, 2015

Board Minutes From April 16, 2015

Call to order at 7:02 PM with the following members present:  Dale Bacon, Steve Laliberte, Ryan Hoops, Jim Grisim.  Tom Merritt absent.

Motion (Laliberte/Hoops) Move to approve agenda.  Motion carried.

Approval of the minutes  -
Motion: (Bacon/Hoops) Move to approve the February 19, 2015 minutes.  Motion carried.

Review Treasurer’s Report
Motion: (Bacon/Hoops) to approve report.  Carried.

State of the lake
No evidence of any fish kill.  Lake level has dropped 6 to 8 inches since April.
Lake clean-up day – May 2, meet at Super America at 11:00 AM.  Jim Grism will coordinate. 
VLAMO Update – they are removing bullheads from East Goose Lake.  Birch Lake chloride test indicates no change from last test.  There are funds available for rain gardens. 
Communication Activities
    Blog – updated blog is available at 
    Newsletter – plan to publish next one prior to the annual meeting. 
Harvester painting project
  We have two bids.  One from Aspen and one from a painting company.  Painting company will sandblast for better bond.  Consensus is to go with the painting company.  We will ask Nick to coordinate the job.

Lake monitoring projects
Dissolved oxygen  - made it through the winter with no issues.
Chloride level  continue through the year.
Sediment survey – we will engage McComas.

Ongoing projects
Shoreline restoration – get people together to do maintenance.
Buckthorn removal
Harvesting plan for 2015 Wait for nature to tell us what to do.  We will plan to harvest so Jim will get the permit.

Future storage.  Check Summit mini storage

Annual meeting planning
Annual meeting is June 17, 2015
Possible DNR speaker on invasive species.  Possible White Bear Lake geological survey update.  Possible lake needs survey. 
Stakeholder outreach planning
We are building relationships with the White Bear Rotary.  We need to continue to reach out to Ramsey county.

Motion: Move to Adjourn (Merritt, Laliberte) – Motion Carried.  Adjourned at 8:34 PM.

Next Meeting:  June 4, 2015

Minutes prepared by Steve Laliberte.