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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BLID Annual Meeting June 18, 2014

Call to order at 7:04PM with the following board members were present:  Dale Bacon, Ryan Hoops, Tom Merritt, Steve Laliberte, and Jim Grisim.  

A total of 22 members were in attendance constituting a quorum.

Motion (Grisim/Merritt) Move to approve agenda.  Motion carried.

Motion (Hoops/Grisim) Move to approve the minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting.  Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: 
Merritt presented the Treasurer Report and proposed budget. 

Motion (Krueser/Bacon) Move to approve the Treasurers Report.  Motion carried.

Year In Review:
Bacon reported on state of the BLID. 

Water level is at a record high.  There is an 8 inch depth of the outflow to the overflow wet land in Rotary Park.  There was a partial fish kill. 

The cold winter with early ice and heavy snow plus the wet spring has slowed the weed growth. 

Wildlife is booming.  The loons are back, swans are present along with herons. 

BLID attended the review of the Memory Care building planning and suggested improvements of set back from water level, native plants, and light covers.

Board members presented at the shallow lakes conference and the Conservation Minnesota waters conference. The BLID has paid to be a member of Conservation MN.

The BLID is certified as a Lake Service Provider, a requirement for moving and renting the harvester.

The annual lake cleanup day was held the first Saturday in May. It was a success but we need more member participation for the clean up to be more successful.

Published the newsletter quarterly.

Blue Water Science completed the lake plant survey in 2013.  Birch Lake continues to be a very clear and relatively clean metro lake. There is a healthy balance of plant life.  There is an abundance of Fern Pond Weed. 

Fish stocking was completed in early 2013. One Thousand bass and several hundred crappies.

The harvester has been rented to Aspen for use on Goose Lake.  This will generate revenue and assist a neighbor, Otter Ski Team.

2014-15 Plans
Plan to increase the use of electronic communications for ease of communication and to reduce postal and copy costs to BLID members . 

Aquatic plant management will continue with low-level weed cutting to maintain a balance between having healthy plant existence, allow for navigation on the water, with trying to minimize floating algae.

Initiate and complete the invasive species of buckthorn, removal project.

Complete another lake sediment testing program for the continued monitoring the sediment content of our lake.

Continue the water testing/monitoring program on conjunction with VLAWMO and the DNR. Vlamo now increased their allocation for lake restoration, rain garden, or erosion control funds.  They will now contribute up to 75% of the cost up to $2,000.

Motion:  (Krueser /Auger) Move to conduct a fish survey right away this year (at the same time as when the last one was done) to measure the severity of the fish kill.  Motion carried.

2015 Budget Review:
Motion: (Merritt/ Krueser )  Move to amend the proposed budget to increase the Special Project line item from $2,500 to $4,000 to include $1,500 for fish stocking next spring.  This will be taken from the reserve and not change the levy.  Motion carried.

Motion: (Kueser/Grism) Approve the 2015 budget.  Motion carried.

There are two position open for board members.  Bacon and Hoops seek to be re-elected.
Motion (Krueser/Grism) to elect the board members.  Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn  (Hoops, Grisim)  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38 PM

Minutes prepared by Steve Laliberte

Thursday, June 5, 2014

BLID Quarterly Meeting June 5, 2014

Call to order at 7:04PM with the following members present:  Dale Bacon, Ryan Hoops, Tom Merritt, and Jim Grisim.  Steve Laliberte was absent.

Motion (Grisim/Merritt) Move to approve agenda.  Motion carried.

Motion (Hoops/Grisim) Move to approve the minutes of April 10, 2014.  Motion carried.

Motion (Hoops/Grisim) Move to approve Treasurers Report.  Motion carried.

VLAWMO Update: 
Grisim reported VLAWMO deciding on projects for summer especially areas, such as Lambert Creek, with e. coli (this does not affect Birch Lake).  Stephanie and Christine reported the Birch Lake restoration site on the north shore looked good.  Bacon reported on a visit by the ladies on June 3 to Birch Lake and Dale’s request to get an OK to dam the outlet of the marshland to the north of Birch.  If the water table stays high, it may kill back the Reed Canary Grass which is becoming a major problem not only in crowding the marsh but also now showing on the north shoreline near Dale’s house.

State of the Waters Conference:
Bacon reported on the meeting that he found to be most worthwhile.  He recommended other such meetings be attended.  The attendance was about 350, many from lake associations plus DNR and PCA staff.  Legacy Amendment is source of funding for water protection. There are now 42 LIDs in State.  Kentucky blue grass is a major problem caused or exacerbated by mowing too close to shores.

Conservation MN Membership:
Bacon will mail check and application form as approved at earlier meeting.

Contract Status:
Aspen contract for harvester rental is signed.  Phiel contract for electricity is signed.  Both are kept in BLID cabinet at City Hall.

Member Spreadsheet:
Bacon updated the data and sent it to Board members.  Thank you, Dale.

Harvester Repairs:
Hoops reported the work has been done.  Painting is planned for after the season.

Buckthorn Removal Project:
Bacon purchased the Lance and herbicide shells.  Nick Nash accepted to be a trial site.  Bacon proposed we visit homes particularly on west shore to explain the project and get agreement to proceed with marking and injecting.  Bacon will establish a date. 

Clean Up Day: 
Grisim reported a disappointing level of participation.  Next year, the idea will be to try to engage area businesses, especially those whose employees walk around the lake on lunch hour.

New Member Packet: 
Bacon will mail to Board.   It has been reduced to a short letter.

2015 Budget and Levy:
Merritt presented the budget plan reviewed at the April 10 meeting. 
Motion:  (Merritt, Grisim) The 2015 budget was approved and a levy of $155 per parcel was approved.

Annual Meeting:
Each Board member will recruit for attendance to ensure a quorum.

Bacon led a discussion about getting all BLID property identified and stored in one location under the control of BLID rather than in member homes.  The purchase of a Pod (20’ length?) will be pursued and likely located adjacent to the harvester/trailer at the City lot.

Motion to adjourn  (Hoops, Grisim)  Passed

Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM

Minutes prepared by Tom Merritt