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Friday, November 3, 2017

Minutes 09/20/17


September 20, 2017
Call to order at 7:05 with the following members present Dale Bacon, Steve Laliberte, Jim Grisim, Tom Merritt, Deb Vernon

1.     Approval of Agenda. 

Motion to approve Steve/Tom.  Motion approved
2.     Approval of Minutes. 

Steve passed them out.  Motion to approve Dale/Jim. Motion approved.
3.     Treasurer’s Report. 

Tom passed out report.  Motion to approve Jim/Dale.  Motion approved.
4.      Updates:


An automated sampling has been installed for next year.

Invasive Species Research at U of M.

Dale attended a conference.  There is a new mil foil, it is a hybrid and more resistant to chemicals.

City of White Bear Lake

 Next year we will send the Pin # to the city.  Should be 63 members.       
      5.     Action Items

Admin Priorities

            1. Member List

            2. Email addresses

                        Tom will send the Cloister emails

            3. Standard Operating Procedures 

4. Need for a laptop. Dale will check with his son.  Deb took all the old files off and put them on a flash drive because the notebook could not open the documents.

            5. Dale will introduce Deb to the city staff. 
     6.     Discussion Items

State of Lake

Weeds are still there.  Dale talked to the guy from the U of M.  It might be good to harvest earlier.  Want to make sure we do not cut too much.  Folks are seeing fish and lots of frogs.

      2016 Plant was done

      2015 Fish


Need to look at SLMP plan.

DNR does not recognize lake management plan because it was done by VLAWMO. Jim will check to see if we should updated.  

Budget hearing

Oct 24 at 7PM. Board members should attend.  Steve will do presentation. 

Annual Report

      Dale has a draft.  Must be in by Oct 15 

Piehl Project

Agreed amount was to pay for electrical and $1500 for shed. Costs were $1698 for electrical, $5000 for shed, $5500 for landscape.  Nic sending invoice, BLID cost is $3198 


      Jim applied for the permit. 

7.     Adjourn

Jim/Tom motion at 8:05.  Motion approved.

Next meeting is Nov 1,, 2017 at 7 PM

Minutes done by Deb Vernon